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Portable Auto Focus Fiber Laser Marking Engraving Machine for Jewelry Metal Plastic Logo Printing Mobile Phone Case Brand Printer 20W 30W 50W

Portable Auto Focus Fiber Laser Marking Engraving Machine for Jewelry Metal Plastic Logo Printing Mobile Phone Case Brand Printer 20W 30W 50W

CKD-PLMN series V20.02M version is a true problem solver, it is portable and all-in-one laser marking machine with E-foc;
Basic Info
Model NO. CKD-PLMN-20/30/50/60, V20.02M
Laser Wavelength Fiber Laser
Laser Classification Solid Laser
Type Optical Fiber Laser Marking Machine
Marking Method Scanning Marking
Average Lead Time 3-5 Work Days After Payment
Computer Optional
Funtion Marking, Engraving, Cutting
Application Material Metal and Some Non-Metal
Laser Source Optional: 20/30/50W, Q-Switched or Mopa
Marking Scope Optional: 100*100/150*150/200*200mm
Control Board Bjjcz Original Control Board
Transport Package Wooden Box
Specification CE passed, Europe/ Asia/ America Standard
Trademark CKD LASER
Origin Shenzhen, China
HS Code 8456110090
Production Capacity 200 Set/Month
Product Description

CKD-PLMN series V20.02M version is a true problem solver, it is portable and all-in-one laser marking machine with E-focus way to find right focus easily and accurately:This is a portable all-in-one laser marking machine for engraving logo on metal and some non-metal material. Don't need calibration and use directly.It features an electric focusing function which is more accurate and faster than manual focusing, and more practical than expensive dynamic focusing.By lowering weight and cutting down unnecessary volume, using adaptable structure, it allows the critical area to have more room for big material marking. What material PLMN V20.02M can mark logo on?Metal: stainless steel, copper, aluminum, gold, silver, titanium, alloy, etc.Some non-metal: ABS, PVC, acrylic (non-transparent), ceramic, EP, HDPE, PC, plastic alloy, ink and paint face, etc.How many people like me use this machine?People in industries such as: electronic products, daily necessities, packaging, gift, craft, auto parts, digital products, communication goods, kitchenware, jewelry, sanitary ware, medical apparatus, photovoltaic product, commodity, hardware, and so on.Can you show samples?Marking figure or photo on pendants, mark company logo or brand on cups for anniversary celebration, cutting gold or silver to make a unique necklace and so on.Can I mark huge material by this portable machine?The biggest scan scope is 200*200mm when daily normal using, and the work maximum work scope to place a material on machine is 400*no limited length.After turning mark head like above right picture, the biggest scan scope is 300*300mm, the work scope for huge material is even larger.What is all-in-one?All standard parts are included, you don't have to install marking head, laser path, base board, extra computer, marking software and so on. Recommend reasons:Smoke purifier helps collect smoke and ordure, rotary is needed to mark ring, bottle or other cylinder materials, cutting fixture is to avoid deformation, X-Y table is for lightly location moving when high precision is needed, laser protect goggle is used to protect your eyes from laser and other flicker light. More helpful device to option: please check accessories page or consult our sales.CKD-PLMN series V20.02M version has optional types below:

ModelLaser sourceMarking scopeComputerFocus way
CKD-PLMN-2020W Q-switched100*100/150*150mmWith computer and marking software of EzCad2E-focus
20W MOPA100*100/150*150mm
CKD-PLMN-3030W Q-switched100*100/150*150/200*200mm
30W MOPA100*100/150*150/200*200mm
CKD-PLMN-5050W Q-switched100*100/150*150/200*200mm
CKD-PLMN-6060W MOPA100*100/150*150/200*200mm
CKD-PLMN-100100W MOPA100*100/150*150/200*200/300*300mm
StandardFoot-switchFor start the laser
Marking softwareEzCad2, control the laser machine
OptionalPosition barsRecommend 2 bars at least
RotaryCan choice chuck diameter of 50/80/100mm
X-Y tableCan chose big or small one
Cutting fixtureFor big power 50/60/100W cutting
Protect goggle1064nm wavelength or multi-wavelength
One more lensSuggest one more lens if you choose big power

Tips:PLMN-20 for surface logo markPLMN-30 for deeper engraving + surface logo markPLMN-50 for thin metal cutting + deeper engraving + surface logo markPLMN-60 for better cutting effect than PLMN-50PLMN-100 for faster cutting than PLMN-60Should I choose MOPA or Q-switch?MOPA can mark color on stainless steel, can mark black well on stainless steel, much smooth logo, high peak power for cutting, and can mark special material better. If you don't need those applications, Q-switched is a nice choice.How can PLMN V20.02M keep safe?Triple safety precautions than normal economic laser marking machine: Power access protection, built-in relay, signal indication, dust prevention measures, scattered anti-interference accessories, thermal measures, stabilized power supply, all indicators meet and exceed the requirements of CE, KC, FDA. 24 hours burning and tests before shipping. Smoke purifier and laser protective glasses further enhance protection.About shipping:

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