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CNC CO2 Laser Marking Machine/Laser Machine/Laser Engraving Machine 30W/60W

CNC CO2 Laser Marking Machine/Laser Machine/Laser Engraving Machine 30W/60W

Overview Product Description Applications:Applicable materials: All metals (including rare metals), engineering plastics;
Basic Info
Model NO. HM-C02-30W/60W
After-sales Service on Line Technical Support
Warranty 2 Years
Laser Visibility Visible
Applicable Material Metal
Cooling System Air Cooling
Technical Class Continuous Wave Laser
Laser Wavelength CO2 Laser
Laser Classification Gaseous Laser
Type Optical Fiber Laser Marking Machine
Marking Method Scanning Marking
Graphic Format Supported Ai, BMP, Dst, Dwg, Dxf, Dxp
Certification CE, SGS, FDA
Application Material 0.1-2mm
Lifespan Over 20, 000hours
Name 30W/60W CO2 Marking Machinr
Marking Area 110*110mm, 175*175mm, 220*220mm, 300*300mm
Process Material Plastic, Leather, Wood, Acrylic Sheet
Laser Source Raycus, Max, Ipg, Jpt
Weight 100kg
Marking Speed 7000mm/S
Rotary Diameter 80mm 100mm 120mm
Machine Color White
Laser Power 303/60W
System Ezcad
Color Marking Yes
Transport Package Standard Plywood Packing for Export
Specification 650*300*700mm
Trademark HF Future
Origin China
HS Code 845611009
Production Capacity 500 Sets/Month
Product Description

Applications:Applicable materials: All metals (including rare metals), engineering plastics, electroplate coating materials, coating materials, spraying materials, plastic rubber, epoxy resin, ceramics and so on.Applicable industry:Phone key, light penetration key, electronic parts and components, integrated circuit (IC), electrician electric appliance, communication products, sanitary wares, tool accessories, glasses and watches, jewelry, auto parts, buckles, kitchenware and stainless steel products industries.


Detailed Photos

CNC CO2 Laser Marking Machine/Laser Machine/Laser Engraving Machine 30W/60W

Product Parameters
Model FHM-C02-30W/60W
Laser Wavelength10600nm
Output Power30w/60w
Quality of Laser Beamm2<1.1
Pulse Repetition Frequency20-80HKZ
Laser repetition frequency range20khz-100khz
Marking range110 X 110 mm (standard)
Marking Depth≤0.2mm
Minimum Focusing Spot0.005mm
Minimum Character Height 0.15mm
Repetition Precision±0.001mm
Marking Line Speed12000mm/s
Electricity Needs110V±230V/50Hz-60HZ
Power Consumption of the Whole Equipmen≤0.5KW
Dimensions1400 mm×500mm×500mm


Features of Fiber Laser Marking Machine:Support customized staring screen and logo, multiple language

CO2 Laser marking machine is carbon dioxide laser marking. The active laser medium is a gas discharge which is air-cooled (water-cooled in higher power applications). The filling gas within the discharge tube consists of carbon dioxide and other auxiliary gas. Electron impact excites vibrational of molecule and produce a beam of infrared light with the principal wavelength bands centering on 10.6 micrometers.

Packaging & Shipping

CNC CO2 Laser Marking Machine/Laser Machine/Laser Engraving Machine 30W/60W

Company Profile

HF FUTURE is a trading company and manufacturer that provides laser and industrial automation equipment and parts to various industries. We offer complete automation solutions and OEM service, as well as distribution ofbrand laser and automation equipment and parts. Our team provides free consulting services, solutions, and customized services based on customers' needs.Our goal is to help our clients produce higher quality products, and increase time to market while effectively reducing customers' production and management costs.

FAQ1. What should I do if I can't operate the machine for the first time?Please don't worry, the machine operation is very simple.The operation video and usage manual will be provided with the machine together.Our engineer will do training online if you need.2. Is the packaging safe for international long-distance transportation?We will use the standard export wooden cases sponge filled inside for packing protection.The machine is covered by plastic film for waterproof. Then covered by foam to protect the machine from shaking. And the outside, we adopt the standard export wooden cases.Regardless of international express, air or sea transportation, we will try our best to protect the machine from damage during transportation.3. What should I do if there is a problem with the machine during use?Cooperate with HF Future, please don't worry about after-sales problems. Once there is any problem with the machine, please contact us at the first time, we have a professional technical team to solve it for you at the first time.4. What forms of payment are acceptable?We can accept the payment terms like T/T, L/C, Western Union, Papal, Cash, Credit Card etc. We will do our best to facilitate customers to cooperate with us.5. If the order is confirmed, how soon can it be shipped?According to the quantity ordered. For less than 5 marking machines order, we can guarantee delivery within 7 working days. Our Advantages

1.Wide range of applications

Can mark all metals, rigid plastics, various coated products. It can mark graphics, QR codes, serial number marking, support all fonts, support network communication and secondary development of some special functions.Permanent markerLaser marking is a marking method that uses a high-energy-density laser to locally irradiate the workpiece to vaporize the surface material or undergo a chemical reaction of color change, thereby leaving a permanent mark.2. Marking speed is fastUsing high-speed digital galvanometer, it can carry out assembly line flight marking.3. Maintenance freeBecause the equipment uses advanced fiber lasers, it has high photoelectric conversion efficiency, is easy to use, does notrequire optical adjustment or maintenance, has a compact structure, high system integration, and fewer failures.4. Easy OperationWith the basics of computer use, you can start to operate the machine within 30 minutes of training.5.Easy maintenanceThe whole machine adopts a modular assembly method, and each component can be disassembled independently, which is convenient for fault diagnosis and later maintenance.6. Low failure rateEach component adopts the domestic first-line brand to ensure the stability of the product, and the 48-hour aging test method can be packaged and shipped before leaving the factory.7. Low environmental requirements0.5M², the whole machine is small and compact, and can adapt to harsh processing environments.8. No consumables requiredNo need for any consumables, non-toxic, no environmental pollution, high environmental protection9. Red light positioningUsing red light positioning system, convenient positioning and high positioning accuracy.10. ExtensionsCan be extended with additional functions. Such as circular marking, X Y electric workbench, automatic feeding flight marking, etc.11.Computer programMarking is carried out automatically, marking English, numbers, Chinese characters, graphics, and the printing content can be changed arbitrarily.
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