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Unboxing the Key To the $3.4M Koenigsegg Jesko Is an Exquisite Experience

Jun 15, 2023

The guy is wearing white gloves. We can't afford it.


At roughly $3.4 million, the Koenigsegg Jesko hypercar is one of the most expensive and exclusive vehicles money can buy, and it only makes sense that its key is just as interesting. It's just a fob, sure, but it comes packaged like a crown jewel. In a video posted to Instagram, Koenigsegg recently showed off just how special this key is.

The outermost packaging of the fob is a carbon fiber tube with machined aluminum ends. It looks like the aluminum has been laser engraved with both the Koenigsegg logo and the signature of the company's founder, Christian Von Koenigsegg. Once opened, an intricately machined and finished aluminum fob holder opens to reveal the key itself.

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The white-gloved presenter goes as far as to crack open the leather and carbon fiber fob itself, which is held together with three small screws. Inside, a black PCB with several small switches on its front face and circuitry on its back face is revealed. As with many other keys, it's all powered by a small watch battery. Unlike other keys, though, this one can receive updates over the air, which means it has some degree of connectivity to the internet either directly or indirectly.

The car this key unlocks is more impressive than this fob's packaging, though. The E85-powered Jesko is capable of producing 1,600 horsepower from its 5.0-liter V8 as well as 1,400 kg (3,086 pounds) of downforce. It sends its power to the wheels through a nine-speed multi-clutch transmission, which enables lightning-fast shifts and seamless power delivery. Just 125 Jeskos will be built by the Swedish company.

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