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The World’s Brightest Laser Pointer?

Jan 12, 2024

The videos from [styropyro] are always amusing and informative. However, ironically for him, he is alarmed that many green laser pointers are more powerful than they are supposed to be. Sure, you often want a powerful laser, but if you think a laser is safe and it isn't, you could… well… put an eye out. See the video below to see what [styropyro] claims is the brightest laser pointer in the world.

The key is a possibly gray market very large green laser array. It appears to have at least 24 lasers and some pretty serious lenses. He tested the array first with a power supply and it looked like something out of a bad science fiction movie, even at reduced power.

One problem with a big laser pointer is having enough voltage to drive the laser. He took an inverter-style microwave and pulled out the lightweight transformer. The final build has a 555 and is extremely dangerous. Unprotected lithium cells, high voltage, and blinding laser light. What can go wrong?

It is fun to watch the testing, but we don't want to build one. We’ll settle for our handheld pointer. However, we always enjoy [styropyro's] antics, like his laser oven. Our favorite, though, was his amusing take on a book from our childhood: The Chemical Formulary.