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Sam Haft Grow Up

Oct 19, 2023

Platinum-certified artist and songwriter Sam Haft has released his new single, "Grow Up" featuring CG5. Marking the first track to be taken from from Sam's forthcoming electronic-pop EP, Bad Times, out July 14, "Grow Up" is accompanied by a grungy video from Emmy-nominated horror director Roxy Shih. The video follows a frustrated Haft looking for some sort of escape from his personal tensions – and finding that release in bullying some hapless high-schoolers in an over-the-top game of laser tag.

About the song, Haft states, "Grow Up is a song about a fight between a couple who lack the courage to speak the unspoken: their relationship is on borrowed time. It's composed over a galloping triplet bassline that doesn't allow the listener to relax. The verse frantically narrates the spiral of tension and trauma."

Vocalist CG5's involvement in "Grow Up" added an additional coat of intensity. "Getting to know Sam Haft has been a treat. He is a man with many aspirations in music, and that shows in this song, with its very unique alternative electronic sound," CG5 stated on collaborating with Haft. "He sent me the idea, and I was very excited to try this very different style of singing from what I usually do. I’ve never been so aggressive in a song, but here we are, and I think it translated well for the final product. I am grateful to give my feature to the lovely Sam Haft on this excellent new song."

Haft added, "From the moment I wrote this song, I was certain I wanted to feature CG5. It needed a tenor who could sing with an intensity that I know Charlie brings to every song he touches. He's a pleasure to work with, and may be the only person I know who loves working as much as I do!"

Sam Haft is a platinum-certified artist/singer/songwriter best known for his band The Living Tombstone, which NME dubbed as "the Internet's biggest gaming band." The Living Tombstone have over 25 billion global streams to their name and their original song "My Ordinary Life" is now RIAA-certified platinum. On top of his musical involvements, Haft is also a voiceover artist in some cartoons and iconic anime properties, and a writer-director whose shorts have been featured in AV Club amongst others.

With the release of "Grow Up" and much more exciting news on the horizon, Sam Haft is turning his Bad Times around!