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Motorcyclist feared for her safety after she says someone pointed green laser at her chest while she rode down Houston highway

Aug 20, 2023

Brandon Walker, Reporter

A motorcyclist feared for her safety after she said a man driving a truck pointed a laser light at her and three other motorcyclists during a road rage incident over the weekend.

Cameron said the laser came after the truck's driver cut her off on Beltway 8, near 290 Sunday.

"A truck came up behind the three of us and all three of us were recording at the same time and cut the other two riders off, and he pushed me into the concrete barricade," Cameron said, adding she followed the truck on her motorcycle roughly to Hammerly.

"I passed the vehicle, and then all of a sudden I see something in the corner of my eye, and I look over and he has a laser," she said.

Cameron said she slowed down at that point.

"I assumed it was a weapon because I do have the same exact light on a weapon I have that I carry every day."

The flash of light, although frightening, isn't illegal — per se.

KPRC 2 checked with the Houston Police Department, as well as the Harris County District Attorney's Office.

While laws do protect law enforcement and aircrafts from the threat of being blinded by lasers, civilians do not automatically have the same protection.

However, charges could be filed, if prosecutors find probable cause the laser contributed to a crime taking place.

An example would be the blinding light leading to a crash.

"The guy should face some type of repercussion," Cameron added.

Cameron said what happened to her speaks to the need for change.

"He put not only my life in danger, but he put my two friends’ lives in danger too."

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