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Launch discount on Creality 22W Laser Engraver for a limited time

Nov 27, 2023

Desktop 3D printer manufacturer Creality has introduced the Falcon2 laser engraving and cutting machine, a potent diode laser engraver with 22W optical power.

This comes at the heels of the CR-M4, a novel 3D printer launched by Creality. The 22W laser engraver is an improved version of the CR-Laser Falcon, offering better cutting and greater compatibility. Creality Falcon2 is intended not just for experienced players and newcomers, but also for small businesses. According to the firm, this "innovative" laser engraving and cutting machine would aid six major user groups.

Which groups would profit from Creality Falcon2 22W?

According to Creality, the first group to profit from this system is home design DIYers. Overall engraving machines, according to the company, can etch or cut wall portraits, wooden door signs, acrylic ornaments, and Christmas tree decorations. Creality believes Falcon2 will unquestionably be more potent and able to cut through thicker materials. Clients can decorate their houses with wooden chandeliers or wooden screens.

Maker educators and learners comprise the second group. Creality claims that engraving can be an effective tool for maker education. Users can cut a wooden airplane model, lego toys, superman, and more using this 22W laser engraving and cutting machine, which, according to the firm, will enable fun learning while boosting the customer's child's intellect and appreciating parent-child time.

This novel technology also simplifies jewelry customization. Consumers can employ this 22W laser engraver to customize a piece of jewelry for their beloved for vacations, engrave their partner's name on the pendant, etch their names on the goblets, or customize some jewelry in batches for sale.

Influencers and vloggers, according to Creality, now have a "huge advantage" when it comes to designing decoratives. 22W can be used by an influencer or vlogger to make masks, acrylic light boards, or decorative items for live broadcasts. Users, in addition, can demonstrate to their fans or audiences how they handcraft with a laser engraver on their live stream, which will assist them to attract some attention, suggests Creality.

The 22W laser engraver is intended to help small business owners. Creality claims that along with greater power and a faster engraving speed of 25000mm/min, users can experience up to two times the productivity, enabling them to produce more in less time. This will undoubtedly yield higher returns, and help streamline the process of 3D printing.

22W laser engraver helps increase productivity for small business owners. Image via Creality.

Creality's final target audience is 3D printing enthusiasts. The company believes that if a consumer owns a 3D printer, they must also own a laser engraver that is compatible with their 3D printer. F or instance, of 3D printed chess pieces and a laser-engraved chessboard. Consumers can also employ a laser engraver to etch an acrylic light and a 3D printer to tailor a light holder, or etch their own unique pattern on their printer.

Creality Falcon2 is available since February 14, 2023, at 9:00 AM EST in the United States, and 3:00 PM CET in Europe. There are some early bird sales at $999 from Feb. 14th to Feb. 17th. Potential customers can scan the QR code below or click the link to join the Creality user group and enjoy more benefits.

Feature image shows Creality Falcon2 3D printer. Image via Creality.

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Which groups would profit from Creality Falcon2 22W?