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Aldi targets seagulls with lasers

Jun 06, 2023

The lasers instantly got rid of every gull, protecting 4,000 solar panels

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A pest control company has deployed lasers on the roof of an Aldi warehouse to keep seagulls away and protect 4,000 solar panels. The AVIX Autonomic Laser Bird Deterrent is now guarding the roof of the warehouse at Aldi's Bathgate Distribution Facility.

The cutting-edge laser bird deterrent system, designed and manufactured by Bird Control Group, has provided an effective and innovative solution. The facility's rooftop, housing 4,000 solar panels, had been plagued by seagulls nesting and fouling.

Contractors refused to carry out essential work on the panels, and the dropping of items by the gulls caused significant damage. Moreover, the constant need for cleaning and the reduced solar panel energy output due to bird guano were incurring substantial costs.

Aldi enlisted the expertise of Scottish Pest Control, which installed the laser system on the facility's main roof. Aldi saw an immediate 100% reduction in gulls.

The AVIX Autonomic Laser Bird Deterrent projects a green laser light over the roof, mimicking the presence of a predator, and prompting the birds to flee the area.

An Aldi spokesman said: "We had a purpose-built chiller constructed at the same site and decided to install lasers on this as well, and to date, we have not had any birds on it," stated the ALDI Bathgate Maintenance team.