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The Best Laser Swords In Video Games That Aren't Lightsabers

Aug 11, 2023

There is no such thing as too many laser swords.

One of the most iconic weapons in all of fiction has to be the Lightsaber. There's just something about an energy blade that can immediately cut anything it touches that makes it so awesome. Due to this legendary status, the weapon has been homaged in plenty of media, including video games.

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While certain titles have blatant recreations of the famous weapon, others give a new spin on the laser sword design. Some of these have become iconic in their own right and transcend the traditional laser sword mold that people think of.

Silent Hill 3 definitely upped the game in terms of its unlockables. With wacky costumes like Princess Heart, it only made sense to also feature some oddball weapons. If you killed enemies using primarily melee weapons at the end of your first run, you'd unlock the Beam Saber.

A green laser sword seemingly straight from Qui-Gon or Yoda's hands, it's very damaging. One of the best melee weapons, for sure, and there is a way to make it even better. Once you obtain a ten-star rank, the length of it will double, making it easier to hit enemies from mid-range. Be warned, though, that a ten-star run is no joke and likely the hardest challenge in the entire series.

Dead Rising's Laser Sword actually debuted in the first installment. It was the most powerful weapon in the game, but there was a catch. You had to play through Infinity mode to get it, making the process a total pain. Thankfully, Dead Rising 2 kept the weapon but made it incredibly convenient this time around.

In order to make the Laser Sword, you need a Flashlight and Gems. Both can be found in the Royal Flush Plaza, the first location outside the safe house. This means you can get one of the game's best weapons every time you leave the safe house, which is a lot. Because of this, the Laser Sword will probably remain a mainstay in your inventory.

For a long time, the Resident Evil series didn't have a laser sword. RE Village finally brought one, and it didn't disappoint. Unlocking it is a bit challenging as you must beat every Mercenaries stage with an SS rank, or you could just buy the Extra Content Shop DLC for $5.

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This weapon isn't an ordinary laser sword, as it's a double-bladed one akin to Darth Maul's Lightsaber. Using it feels awesome, and it's nice Capcom made this unlockable so special. The fun factor alone makes this one of Village's best weapons, although it isn't as super destructive as you may think.

The original 2004 launch of Ninja Gaiden didn't have as many unlockables when compared to further revisions of the game. The original NES trilogy was a great bonus, but the game only has one notable unlockable outside of that. That would be the Ninja of the Future outfit, complete with the Plasma Saber.

Another green laser sword, its look is fantastic and matches perfectly with the futurist costume. If you look at most Ninja Gaiden 2004 videos on YouTube from pro players, they will be wearing this outfit because it looks that good. The Plasma Saber returned in Ninja Gaiden Black, but the outfit got removed, which is a shame.

In Yakuza Kiwami 2, one of the side activities can be a real pain. Those are the bouncer missions, and you must beat a total of 78 of them since a mission has to be played three times on separate difficulties. Two weapons majorly help here. One of them is the Dragon-SP pistol, but the other is the Photon Blade RG.

While you can also unlock the Photon Blade W, it isn't necessary, as the RG is already powerful enough. One of the best weapons in the game, it shreds through enemies like nothing. It makes these missions a breeze, and you need that when you have to play through so many of them.

Yet another green laser sword is the Pillow Talk from Bayonetta. You unlock it by either finishing the game in Non-Stop Climax mode, which is no easy feat, or paying 1 million halos to get it via the phone cheat codes. The weapon looks completely sick when fully charged up, with its expanded energy; plus, it's also one of the most damaging weapons in the game.

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What's cool about the Pillow Talk is that it's not a Star Wars reference, like you may think. It's actually a weapon taken from Okami, a previous title by Hideki Kamiya. One of the major supporting characters is Waka, who wields the same Pillow Talk weapon. This is a really nice touch that a lot of people probably won't notice.

Out of all the names for laser swords that aren't Lightsabers, the Beam Katana is the best. After all, that's essentially what the weapon is. What makes No More Heroes' Beam Katana a cut above the rest is the creativity put into the various designs. The Tsubaki Mk-2 is five energy blades put together in a baseball bat form, and it's so badass.

Henry's Cross Sword has four hilts, meaning No More Heroes' laser swords featured hilts before Star Wars used them. The various Beam Katanas found throughout the series all stand out in one way or another. Due to this and their importance in the series, they almost reach the top spot for the greatest non-Lightsaber laser sword.

Halo's Energy Sword is technically a laser sword, but it isn't what you'd think of regarding that weapon type. Its design is completely different from the normal laser sword mold, with it being split in half to create two deadly points. This weapon is infamous in multiplayer due to its one-hit kill ability and is highly desired.

What's important here is that Halo's Energy Sword is not only Halo's most iconic weapon but one of the most iconic weapons in gaming. If you have a sword shop around you, you'll find a Master Sword and a Keyblade, but you'll also always find an Energy Sword. It's in the top echelon of video game weapons, and that's why the Energy Sword is the cream of the crop in video game laser swords.

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