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Redfall: Best Weapons

Aug 07, 2023

These are the best weapons to use in Redfall.

In Redfall, you and your team must work together to fend off an army of vampires that have descended upon your sleepy town. Aiding you in your mission is a vast arsenal of weapons and abilities that can make quick work of any creature of the night you encounter.

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Considering there are seven weapon types with varying rarities for each category, some are going to be inherently better than others. To ensure your squad stands a fighting chance, you should prioritize getting the best weapons in Redfall as soon as possible. From UV laser beams to stake launchers and everything in between, these Redfall weapons will put any bloodsucker out of commission.

Like many great co-op shooters, Redfall's pistols are designed to take out basic enemies in a pinch. To this point, the vast majority of handguns you’ll find are relatively weak compared to other weapon types in the game.

Of course, there are a few exceptions, such as the Death Spiral pistol, a medium to short-range weapon with superb fire rate and recharge speed. Since it can only hold five bullets at a time and provides no stake damage, you’re going to want to make every shot count.

Another pistol that stands out from the rest of the pack is the Clacker, a gold-tier weapon that can be obtained fairly early on in the game. Equipped with a fire rate of ten and a magazine size of 20, this handgun feels more like a submachine gun in action.

As such, it's one of your best options for getting through the first few Redfall missions, assuming you can get one to drop. If you do manage to get your hands on the Clacker, you’ll likely never want to switch over to a different pistol.

UV Beams play an important role in Redfall's combat, allowing you to tear through vampire flesh using a concentrated beam of powerful ultraviolet lasers. While they can be quite effective at dealing with large mobs, they’re not as great against single targets.

Still, if you prefer having this kind of weapon in your loadout, the UV Beam M01 is one of the better choices, at least during the early portions of Redfall's campaign. This is due to it dealing consistent damage at various distances with a low but continuous fire rate and average recharge speed.

You’ll find many of the best weapons in Redfall end up being assault rifles, simply due to the fact that they offer overall higher fire rates, better accuracy, and can deal increased damage against both human and vampire enemies.

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To see proof of this, look no further than Perfectly Normal, an exceptional assault rifle that comes equipped with three powerful perks. These include a 30 percent damage buff right out the gate, an extended magazine with ten extra rounds, and 50 percent improved accuracy while moving.

Despite being less effective across long distances, shotguns are extremely effective at dispatching Redfall's undead enemies quickly. One of the best shotguns in the game is Lockjaw, a unique and ornate-looking weapon that shoots two extra bullets every time you pull the trigger.

On top of this, Lockjaw can heal you for 15 percent of your maximum health anytime you use it to stake a vampire. Rounding out its perks is a 50 percent accuracy boost by default, effectively making Lockjaw the steadiest shotgun in the game.

Alternatively, if you’re the kind of player that likes to go all in on long-range combat, Redfall has you covered as well. In addition to assault rifles, the game features an assortment of sniper rifles, including the purple-tier Yokai.

What makes this weapon so enticing is its monstrous stopping power, capable of eliminating targets with a single well-placed shot between the eyes. However, this does come at the cost of the Yokai having a very slow fire rate and recharge speed in addition to lacking any stake capabilities whatsoever.

Moving along, Cass Special is an excellent choice for those that enjoy picking off targets from a safe distance without having to fully commit to using a sniper rifle. This is due to it having a wider effective range than other assault rifles along with a slew of perks that reinforce its best qualities.

Some of this weapon's highlights include a 20 percent faster reload speed, 50 percent increased accuracy, and 75 percent additional damage when landing headshots. As far as one-shot kills are concerned, it doesn't get much better than the Cass Special.

Inching out the Yokai by a small margin, the Sawfish is a hard-hitting sniper rifle that looks like a bunch of hobbled-together lawn tools. Designed to fire vampire-killing stakes one at a time, this weapon's damage output quickly ramps up at medium range.

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Anything further, and you’ll find the Sawfish is less reliable in terms of accuracy. Additionally, since it has one of the slowest reload speeds in the game, you can easily get swarmed by mobs of vampires while trying to line up the perfect shot.

Occupying the small niche of semi-automatic pistols in Redfall, Ambition is a fantastic weapon that boasts some of the best perks in the game. To start with, bullets from this gun can kill vampires without them having to be petrified in the first place.

In addition, headshots deal 50 percent bonus damage with the Ambition; lastly, your character gains 50 percent accuracy while wielding this weapon. Combine this all together and you have one of the best guns for tackling any challenge the game throws your way.

To wrap things up, A Grave Mistake is one of the best weapons in Redfall for striking the perfect balance between damage and healing. This slow-firing, high-accuracy assault rifle comes equipped with three perks that can prove useful for surviving the vampire invasion.

First up is a 50 percent accuracy boost while moving; second, an extra 20 percent base damage increase; and finally, 15 percent max health recovery whenever you stake a vampire. With all this in mind, it would be a grave mistake for any bloodsucking bad guy to cross your path while using this weapon.

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