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MKS Introduces ESI Geode A CO2 Laser System for High Precision and High

Jun 20, 2023

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MKS Instruments, Inc., a global provider of technologies that transform our world, announced the official launch of the ESI Geode® A laser drill system today, a new configuration of the Geode® platform designed explicitly for drilling vias in the non-copper-clad ABF substrate market.

The Geode® A laser drilling system provides processing and application solutions for the FCBGA package substrate market, components which provide critical building blocks for everyday electronic devices and, in particular, high-performance computing. FCBGA substrates help enable supercomputing, artificial intelligence processing, autonomous cars, and other highly complex semiconductor modules.

"Manufacturers are under increased market pressure to deliver components that meet the precise demands of miniaturization and complexity required for advanced substrate manufacturing. At MKS, we are keenly focused on delivering the advanced technology needed for our customers to deliver next-generation productivity and quality," said John Williams, MKS Vice President and General Manager of the ESI business. "In addition, the Geode® A laser drill is engineered as an integral component to the MKS Optimize the Interconnect SM solution, combining ESI laser drilling technologies with Atotech chemistry and plating equipment to provide customers with a full package of via formation technologies required to deliver optimal quality with the highest productivity for PCB and package substrate products."

The Geode® A laser drilling system combines an innovative laser and optics configuration with precision pulse-shaping and beam-steering designed for ABF materials. These engineering innovations deliver the lowest cost of ownership and a greener manufacturing solution through 21% less floor space utilization, 72% less weight, and up to 65% less power consumption than the competition.

The Geode® A laser drilling system is available for purchase. More details can be found at, and system experts will be available at the JPCA 2023, Tokyo, Japan, May 31-June 2 in booth 6B-11.