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LISSMAC’s world of deburring edge rounding and finishing

Oct 29, 2023

Fact - many companies are benefiting from higher power Fiber Laser cutting, yielding greater profits and a significant increases of output. Many shops are running multiple lasers with automated sheet stacking, loading and unloading. Further, a majority of fabricators are running 3 shifts with a shift and a half "Lights out".

However, companies are still ignoring the downstream issues of bottlenecks in production, while their Fiber Lasers are producing parts at neck breaking speeds.

Lissmac is helping customers eliminate these bottle necks and yielding an impressive 4 key measurable benefits:

The LISSMAC machine is well suited to handling parts cut on lasers, waterjets, and turrets. Materials such as Aluminum, Stainless, and Carbon Steel can be processed on this work horse of a machine with minimal tool change time.

The SBM L G1S2 1500 has one grinding belt on the top and bottom of the machine to remove a vertical burr. Following the grinding belts, there are sand block belts on the top and bottom of the machine to round the edges so they are safe for handling. The interior cutouts, slots, and holes will also be deburred as well as the outer edges.

The SBM L G1S2 1500 has a standard feature of automatic wear compensation on the sand blocks for edge rounding. With a photo eye sensor to measure wear, the machine will automatically make adjustments into the part keeping quality edge rounding requirements. The machine also has the ability to read bar codes which allow for quick set up of the machine.

The Laser Cutting Industry is all about throughput and producing as many good quality parts in a given time frame. Lissmac understood that while the fiber laser will cut parts fast, a bottleneck for the deburring department would be created. Lissmac saw an opportunity to help fabricators deburr parts quickly and created a machine to meet their demands.