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GearBerry: El Dorado for laser engraving machines and 3D printers

Dec 06, 2023

Meanwhile, you can find a wide variety of online stores on the World Wide Web that offer exciting niche products at bargain prices. Ein Beispiel ist die Webseite GearBerry. Fans of laser engraving machines in particular will find what they are looking for here. Thanks to an extensive selection in the segment of GearBerry Laser Engravers you can inform yourself here according to your mood. Starting with the entry-level device up to the professional laser, you can find pretty much any product here. In the following, we would like to introduce you to the store, which is still quite unknown in this country.

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In recent years, the technology around laser engraving machines and 3D printers has picked up speed. While the technology was reserved for industry and research only quite some time ago, it has now entered the mainstream of society. Given the possibilities that open up when using one of the devices, one can certainly understand the hype. For example, 3D printers are a must-have for any table-top fan. On the other hand, those who like to get creative and create their own gifts can let off steam with laser engraving machines. GearBerry scores with a gigantic selection.

Thanks to the cooperation with well-known manufacturers like Anycubic, Ortur and Xtool, pretty much everyone should find what they are looking for. The online store scores with impressive prices that you won't find at the competition. But it's not just the price tags that are convincing. Despite the low prices, you get an all-round service. The retailer supports you as a reliable contact person even after the purchase. You can find more information about GearBerry not only on the official website. The social media site also allows you to take a look behind the scenes.

If you’re quick now, you can save big on GearBerry. With the code gearberry20off you get from a purchase value over 50 U.S. dollars automatically deducted 20 U.S. dollars. We have you times three bargains listed, which you can make in the context of the action.

With the SCULPFUN S30 Pro Max, you benefit from fast and clean engraving as well as cutting thanks to the latest laser technology. Thereby the device has a 32-bit motherboard which has an air pump as well as automatic air support. The air-assisted metal nozzle relies on a high-pressure air flow, which significantly increases cutting efficiency. For comparison, devices without the air assist are five times slower. Thanks to the air stream, the Sculpfun also works pleasingly cleanly. After all, it also blows away the chips from the cutting process. With the help of the machine you can process a wide variety of materials.

Whether wood, MDF, cardboard, plastic, leather, aluminum, stainless steel or ceramic. These and other surfaces are no problem. When cutting, you can even use non-woven fabric, black acrylic sheets and leather. The load capacity of the frame is really remarkable. The use of a high-strength aluminum alloy ensures that a load of up to 50 kg is possible. You can get more information about the machine on GearBerry directly. There, you can also save $20 directly with the code gearberry20off and pay $779.99 instead of $799.99.

If you’re familiar with laser engraving machines, you’ll certainly have heard of Ortur. This manufacturer is one of the most manly companies in this field and has recently presented its latest model, the Laser Master 3, with a power of 10 watts. The power is particularly noticeable in its cutting capabilities. Even 10 mm thick pine boards or even 30 mm thick acrylic boards can be cut through by the laser. But not only does it work with plenty of power, it's also fast. With 20,000 mm/min, you can look forward to fast results. Ortur scores especially in terms of connectivity here.

So you can get your projects going via TF card, USB, WiFi or app. At the same time, the operation is as easy as pie. To ensure maximum protection for your eyes, a panorama filter screen is used here. This filters out 97 percent of UV rays. The big advantage is that, unlike many other competitor models, you can do without protective goggles. Thanks to the integrated airflow, this model also ensures precise and clean results. You can find more information on the product page. As part of GearBerry's discount promotion, you’ll pay just $679.99 instead of $699.99 with the code gearberry20off.

For those looking to get into laser engraving for the first time, the Longer RAY5 10W is the perfect entry-level model. Thanks to dual beam technology, this model can even cut 20mm thick wood panels and 30mm thick acrylic. The whole thing is also fast with an astonishing 10,000 mm/min. But it's not just the price that's comparatively small here. The model also scores points for compactness in terms of size. It is 50 percent smaller than other common lasers. In terms of connectivity, you can choose between USB, WiFi, app and TF cards.

The 3.5-inch display, which is operated by touch, provides an overview. In turn, active position protection, thermal protection functions, a power switch and the current safety control system ensure safety. The uncomplicated setup is really cool. For example, the machine is already 80 percent assembled ex works. The rest is done in no time at all. You can also find more information here on the product page. During GearBerry's promotion, you can secure the entry-level laser for an attractive $389.99 instead of $409.99 with the code gearberry20off.

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