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Boschert CombiLaser 4020 handles 6

Oct 11, 2023

Boschert has announced the availability of its new CombiLaser 4020 combination forming, punching, and laser cutting machine, which accommodates sheets up to 6 by 12 ft.

The system offers IPG fiber lasers of 1-, 2-, 3-, or 4- kW with Precitec cutting heads for processing a variety of materials and thicknesses. It also features 360-degree rotation to all tools and an automatic tool changer with capacity for up to 96 tools.

The upper punching head handles typical punching with full rotation, 36 tons of force, and up to 1,100 SPM. Also included is a lower cylinder for punching from under the sheet or forming. The lower cylinder also has 36 tons of force, fully synchronized rotation, a 25-mm stroke, and up to 250 SPM.

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