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Tecoi LS Mega laser processes plate of nearly any length

Sep 30, 2023

Tecoi North America has introduced its new LS Mega laser cutting machine, which offers nearly unlimited working length cutting capabilities. Features include a double-core fiber system, double-head cutting technology, and automatic beveling with multitool drilling.

The fully automated mobile system design is coordinated with the movement of the machine along its entire length. An automatic production control system enables operators to program tasks along the entire cutting area while providing flexibility in all cutting dimensions with continuous, nonstop production in different independent cutting areas.

The safety enclosure can move along the entire X axis, provide plate recognition in any of the preset working areas, position itself, and then close the gate for cutting. Open areas can be used for loading/unloading processed or unprocessed plate.

The Dual Fiber Process automatic fiber change system offers flexibility and speed for sheet metal and heavy plate while reducing on-the-fly pierce time with the fiber switch in milliseconds, the manufacturer reports.

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