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If you're serious about your skincare, you need this tool

Dec 20, 2023

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Laser light therapy has been proven to help with a whole host of skin issues, from pigmentation to sagging skin - but while it often comes with a costly salon bill the Lyma Laser is changing that.

The laser (which you can check out here) is a light therapy tool that you can use at home, beloved by celebrities and their skincare pros.

According to stats from Lyma, two in five women feel they need a facelift, but many don't want to contend with sky-high treatment bills, an invasive procedure and lengthy recovery times. Fair play!

That's why this genius tool is so popular; it's cost-effective, considering its longevity, and offers incredible results without surgery and the need for downtime.

The main complaints of women who would consider going under the knife in the research carried out by Lyma were sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation and neck ageing - all issues that the Lyma Laser aims to tackle head-on.

But how does it work? The Lyma Laser is the first ever skincare device to deliver 500mW of interrupted laser beam light at home - this is so revolutionary as it's the same amount that's used in professional laser clinics. It's the first FDA-cleared at-home laser.

Dr Dendy Engleman, a board-certified dermatologist said of the technology: 'The Lyma Laser technology absolutely blew my mind. It has revolutionised the entire industry. Anything that bothers you, from the forehead to the toes, Lyam can help with.'

This is supported by Romy Soleimani, a celebrity make-up artist, who comments: 'So many dermatologist lasers work by damaging the skin to create collagen but the Lyma Laser repairs skin by healing, so you feel like you're treating your skin.

'I’ve only had my Lyma Laser for 10 months and I take it on every single job with me because it's so easy to travel with.'

The Lyma Laser Starter Kit is £1,999, which includes express shipping.

Available from just £166 per month. The kit includes The Lyma Laser, accessories, a travel pouch, and a membership card, which gives access to member-only pricing.

But how does laser light therapy actually work? And which skin conditions is it most effective in treating? We asked the experts to find out more.

Essentially, laser therapy is a non-invasive procedure that uses light energy to repair and rejuvenate the skin.

'The main benefit of laser light will help combat or treat acne, wrinkles, fine lines and age spots by either removing the top layer of skin to then help stimulate collagen growth on the layer underneath or targeting the top layer of skin which helps improve rosacea, acne and spider veins,' Skincare Expert and Educator Laura Mallows explains.

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She continues: 'As a skincare expert, I know people can be nervous around laser treatments and whether they are safe, however, accounting for them being ok in conjunction with any prescriptions or skincare you are using, then generally there are great benefits.'

'There are many benefits to laser light therapy, including elevation of ATP production, resulting in increased energy for cells, improved DNA production to promote healing, promotion of collagen production to reduce wrinkles and scarring, better lymphatic drainage to reduce swelling, improved circulation, and reduced inflammation,' explains Lisa Mason-Poyner, Group Director of Aesthetic Services at Élan Laser Clinics.

Laser light can be used to treat a whole host of skincare issues, including 'acne scars, birthmarks, facial redness, hyperpigmentation, melasma, scars, skin lesions, spider veins, stretch marks, sun-damaged skin, tattoo removal, unwanted hair, and wrinkles,' according to Lisa Mason-Poyner.

Dr Ross Perry, of skin clinics chain Cosmedics continues: 'Laser light can be used to correct many skin issues such as scarring caused by acne or burns.

'It is also very beneficial for sun/UV damage or freckles and 'sun spots' and blemishes and has been found to reduce or eliminate entirely.

'Laser also helps the effects of ageing such as age spots and wrinkles, as well as hyperpigmentation.'

The reviews for the Lyma laser are overwhelmingly positive, with an impressive amount of 5-star ratings on the brand's website - we even gave it a whirl, which you can read here.

'Firstly the laser, having used it for over a year I can now say I'm thrilled with the results. I'm a 63 year old woman who was very conscious of my sagging,aging skin, especially on my neck, mouth and eye areas,' wrote one happy shopper.

'I now have a healthy glow to my face and my skin is wrinkle free which has brought back my confidence.I use the laser as part of my daily skincare routine. I have taken the LYMA supplement for two years, I was looking for a product that prevented me from buying endless pots for different health issues and that actually works. [sic]'

While another said: 'I've been using the Lyma Laser for about 2 months now. I am so pleased with the results I'm seeing on cystic acne and scarring! This is the only thing that has help - almost eliminated this problem. I am so grateful.'

And a third wrote: 'I am in love with my Laser. I feel such a tightening. Just two weeks in and I look forward to it everyday. What a work of ART, beautiful design- so easy to handle. What a work of Science! I can feel it at work - love the results already. Worth every penny.'

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