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Atkore Introduces Laser Marking for Labeling in Sanitary, Washdown Environments

Oct 20, 2023

Atkore Calbrite has introduced a custom marking process, using fiber laser technology to effectively apply product information and labeling to its stainless-steel conduit and fittings. The fiber laser creates precise, durable markings that do not fade regardless of time, environment, temperature, or abrasion. Fiber lasering offers advantages over paper labels, engraving, or stamping, such as the elimination of harboring points and the chances of labels detaching from products.

Atkore's stainless steel conduit systems can stand up to the acidic content of cleaning agents and chemical disinfectants in washdown environments, as is common in food and beverage facilities. Fiber laser marking avoids the risk of peeling labels that can compromise sanitation grades, as well as mitigates the issue of bacterial growth around traditional paper labels.

Fiber laser marking machines are typically used for applications that require enhanced precision, and the technology consistently produces a high-quality, high-contrast marking without surface texture. Atkore specifically uses Smartmark fiber marking equipment, which include Class 1, 50-watt systems that maximize marking and efficiency while minimizing energy consumption.

By incorporating fiber laser marking, Atkore has made the entirety of its conduit suitable for interactions with harsh elements or industries with high traceability requirements. Not only does the new fiber laser marking process produce robust markings, it also simplifies and improves product labeling.

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